Remember that Time, And Other Funny Stories by Melanie Gangolf

My Sister and I keeping warm on any winter morning, circa 1974

We all have a story. I have just decided to write mine. I am basically a nobody with a capital N, but I do have a story. I have 50 years of stories and this is my introduction.

I was born in the town of Alsip, about 30 miles outside of Chicago to Bill and Marge Mullen. Bill was my dad, a hard working, hard drinking, give you the shirt off his back type of guy. Born in the middle of the depression to an alcoholic mother and dead beat dad, he was kicked around a lot and lived in many places before he was adopted by his Aunt, whom he took his name from.

My mother was a proper German woman who came here when she was 18 looking for a job and a little excitement but instead found my dad. They were married in 1966 on St. Patrick’s Day at the Chicago Court House and my mother wore a knee length off white silk dress with a handful of roses. She looked beautiful. She was only 20 and my dad was 33. They were married until the end.

I was born in 1968 and we promptly moved out of the hustle and bustle of the city to Alsip, a small and sleepy suburb. My sister was born in 1970 and with the addition of a small cocker spaniel and a white German shepherd, we were a family.

We lived in a white cap cod with three birch trees in the front yard and a fenced in back yard. My mother loved it and took care of her house with specific attention to the smallest details. 

I lived my first 22 years in that house, on that block, around my town. I will share with you some of my stories that took place in and around my house on 44th Court. I will tell you stories about when I left my home town and ventured in to adulthood and the outside world. I will tell you about my family now, I am a mother of 3 teenagers. 

My stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes exciting. My stories are sometimes boring, sometimes short, sometimes long. But for sure, they are mine. If you know me from childhood, you might be in one, although I will not use any real names. These are my memories and they say memories fade so these stories are the way I remember them. So please enjoy my collection of stories that I call: Remember that time, and other funny stories by Melanie Gangolf.

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