The Snow is Coming and Oak Foresters Are Stocking Up

Oak Forest residents stock up at local grocery stores as they get ready for the snow fall predicted for this weekend. Photo above courtesy of chuddlesworth at flicker.com

With the weather turning snowy this weekend as reported by all the big news stations, Oak Foresters are taking no chances for this weekend. They are in line at the local grocery stores stocking up on everything they need to ride out any chance of a storm. It is reported that 7″-12″ inches will fall, depending on where you are, starting Friday night going into the weekend.

Residents are stocking up on the essentials, like Doritos and Oreos. At least this is what I witnessed as I stood in line for about 30 minutes at the Food 4 Less. Of course, I am trying to be funny, but there didn’t really seem to be a panic in the store although I have to say, grocery carts were filled and there was more than your usual crowd.

Sarah Wilson, a mom with a full cart in front of me, shared that she is not taking any chances. She has 3 small kids at home and going out in the snow is something she would like to avoid. “We are going to batten down the hatches and live on pizza and ice cream,” she told me laughing.

I think I would have to agree with her. I like to watch the snow fall from my window and wait for the snow plows to finish their jobs before heading out into the world. Sometimes, this is possible and sometimes it isn’t, but I am here also, trying to make sure I have plenty of Doritos and Oreos.


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