The Wall is Coming, But At What Cost Mr. President?

“The Wall is Coming” was the message sent with an accompanying photo of our President Donald Trump looking serious, stoic and all business. The tweet was sent out on January 3rd from the official Donald J. Trump account. I assume it was created to assure all his followers that one way or another, he will get the $5.7 billion dollars he is demanding in order to build his wall on the U.S. and Mexico border. I think we are all beginning to ask, at what cost is he willing to go to win this childish tug of war.

President Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States with the help of one of his biggest promises, to build a wall. He also stipulated that Mexico would pay for it. This little detail of the “Wall Plan” has apparently evaporated with the Mexican government vehemently proving uncooperative. Mr. Trump has back peddled from this provision by stating that the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, will inadvertently pay for the wall with the income created, although how this proposed income will fund the wall, is unclear.

Trump’s Wall has been quite unsuccessful as of yet. In 2017, Department of Homeland Security received $341 million specifically restricted by Congress to replace and repair 40 miles of existing barriers. They then received $1.3 Billion for year 2018 dedicated to build particular areas. Construction hasn’t yet started on any of the 2018 projects and reports are unclear if even the repairs have been completed. The Department of Homeland Security says it is working on the contracts although nothing very specific has emerged with Donald Trump contradicting himself quite frequently on any details of even what the wall would actually look like.

For the 2019 budget, which is what everyone is arguing, $1.6 billion was appropriated for the border wall but this was not enough for Trump who is now demanding that $5 billion be included in this years budget specifically for The Wall. Trump will not except anything shy of the $5 billion figure and has said that he will go forward with the stalemate for months or even years. Stuck in the middle are 800,000 workers, who will not receive a paycheck starting this week.

This shut down will get very real as this will be the first week that people, real people, will not be getting a pay check. Many of these government workers live pay check to pay check such as correctional officers and forest firefighters. Contrary to Mr. Trump’s assessment of bill collectors as entities that will “work with you“, mortgage companies, credit card companies and land lords are not very sympathetic when you don’t send in your money.

The cost of this government shut down and Donald Trump’s wall will be devastating for the families that depend on their weekly paycheck for their lively hood. As the leader of our country and the man who personifies himself with making deals, he is failing the very people who he took an oath to serve. Shame on you Donald Trump for holding this country hostage for a wall which I am predicting will never amount to much of anything except pain for honest workers in the once greatest country in the world.

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