Oak Forest Students take Summer Classes at South Suburban College

Summer is about relaxing and getting away from the stresses of school. So why in the world are a hand full of students from Oak Forest taking college level classes at South Suburban College over the Summer? Because they can.

Vinnie Pillai who will be a sophomore at Tinley Park High School is taking college algebra to stay focused and so he will have the prerequisite to take A/P calculus as a junior. Joey Gangolf who will be a sophomore at Oak Forest High School is taking algebra 1 to brush up on his algebra game before he takes algebra II next year. When speaking to the kids who are sacrificing their summer for college level classes, all their answers are similiar. They are taking classes to stay focused and use their summer to advance their education

The rule for being admitted into South Suburban as a dual enrolled student (both high school and college at one time) is that the student must have a certain score on their PSATs and have earned 12 credit hours at the high school but exceptions are made by a recommendation from your school counselor. This program is beneficial to students who are motivated to get as much education, especially in the areas of math and science, from their high school years. Also taking these classes makes them very attractive when they apply to colleges and universities. Annais Gangolf, a upcoming junior at Oak Forest High School has been taking college classes since she was a freshman and when high school is all said and done, she will have earned the equivalent to a full semester of college level credits. That looks great on her college resume and will save her some money.

Another big benefit of the program is that the students can receive a waiver for one class at a community college per year. That translates to a class costing about$400, costing just $80 after fees. This process makes a college level class for high school students affordable and lowers any barriers for low income residents.

This program is offered at South Suburban College as well as Moraine Valley College. If you don’t know which school boundaries you live in, please check the colleges websites. If you are interested in getting your high school student involved in a dual enrollment program, the first step is to contact your child’s high school counselor. Both college’s websites are a little confusing when you are researching dual enrollment so it is very important to talk with your school’s counselor. They really are the first step in getting your child enrolled in this fantastic program. It is amazing what kids can accomplish when they have the motivation to excel.

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