Goodbye Petey

Today is your last day my friend. You don’t know it though. I wish I could tell you but I can’t, because you are a dog and you won’t understand.
Today is your last day my friend. You don’t know it though. I wish I could tell you but I can’t, because you are a dog and you won’t understand.
We have had quite an adventure. I can’t believe it has been almost 10 years since our coincidental meeting. I was not looking for a new puppy, but there you were. Ava ran up to the Humane Society mobile adoption center and picked you first. You were little and sweet with a black ring around one eye and spots on your back to match.
You were a pit bull but I would not realize that for a while because they told me you were a Stafford-shire Terrier. I might have walked away if I knew these two breeds were sometimes interchangeable but by the time I realized it, it was too late. The kids were already in love with you. I became the owner of you, Petey, the pit bull with a black ring around her eye. It was accidental, maybe, but never regretted.
We finally got you home and you were a spit ball. You loved to dig and chew and run. You were a puppy; rambunctious and sweet. You had such a big personality always moving, chasing, laughing. You would take naps snuggled on the couch, which became your spot and slept with us curled in a little ball with us at night. You became an integral part of our family and we all loved you.
I was so fortunate to see you grow. And that you did. You become less of a puppy and more of a friend. You were always there with a look of knowing or a wag of your tail. You could read my mind and always knew when I needed a walk, a snuggle or a barrage of kisses. You became my confidant and my constant companion. You made me laugh every day and reminded me not to take myself too seriously. Many times it was just you and me in the house and because of you, I never felt lonely and I always felt safe.
I will miss our walks in the woods. We took a lot of them; discovering new places, exploring old favorites and meeting friends along the way. You loved to frolic in the tall grass and chase squirrels up trees. I would smile at your uncomplicated joy. No weather would ever stop you. You delighted in a good run, a big drink out of a puddle and rolling in the grass afterwards. We took bike rides and car rides with the kids in tow, stopping for ice cream afterwards. You would make us all laugh as you licked your ice cream cone with it slathered on your nose.
We have shared much over these past 10 years. There was the good and bad, the happy and sad. Through it all you were there; walking next to me, dragging me along when I need it or curled up at my side to comfort me. You taught me much in the precious time we shared. You taught me about loyalty and dependability. You taught me to be leery of strangers but to give everyone a chance. You taught me about simple happiness and the importance of a big stretch in the morning. You taught me that sometimes a good belly rub and a snuggle can change your perceptive. You taught me unconditional love.
You never knew cruelty, or hunger or cold and for that I am glad. I hope that I made you happy. I hope I gave you as much joy and laughter as you gave me. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you felt it every day. You gave more than you took and I will cherish my memories of you.
It is your last day today. We will have a good day. It will not be a sad day, it will be a good day. I am going to take you to all your favorite spots and we will stay until you are ready to go. I will take you for an ice cream cone and laugh when it gets on your nose. We will cuddle on the couch and take a nice nap. Then, a woman will come to the house and will put you to sleep. There will be no pain and I hope you will have no fear. You will leave this world curled up on your spot on the couch. I will be there with you until your last breath and I hope this will comfort you. When you wake up, you will be in another world and I will not be there. It will be peaceful though and you can chase squirrels all you want. There will be no pain or fear there and you will feel love.
I will cry my dear Petey, but not for you because I know you will be in peace.
I will cry my dear Petey but not for me, because I will be fine also.
I will cry because we are no longer together. I will miss you with every fiber of my being as I will be in this world and you will be in the next. I ask one thing of you my sweetest dog, my loving friend, just one more thing. Please be there. When I cross over the bridge, I will be looking for you and please be waiting for me.

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